Chez Jay is known for many things but probably the most important is our friendly atmosphere and our great food. Our free peanuts are pretty famous as well, as one of our Chez Jay peanuts went to the moon with Alan Shepard and became (as Jay called) the first “Astro-nut”, and it still resides in our family safe.

For the full Astro-Nut story and more ‘as the story goes’ tales, you will need to visit first hand and ask your bartender. Just refrain from taking pictures - a house rule since the days of Marilyn and JFK’s secret rendezvous in the 60’s!

Chez Jay (Established 1959) and The Backyard at Chez Jay (Opened August 2019) has been serving locals, celebrities and visitors since 1959. We have been known as a celebrity hang out, a “dive bar” and a “classy joint” ever since. Chez Jay offers a unique and friendly atmosphere to locals and newcomers alike including those famous faces that still call Chez Jay their favorite place and was declared a Santa Monica Historic Landmark in 2012.

Chez Jay is just ½ block south of the Santa Monica Pier on the east side of Ocean Avenue right next to the incredible Tongva Park. It is in the heart of the civic center district, steps from the Third Street Promenade and many of Santa Monica’s best hotels and of course, the famous Santa Monica beaches are just steps away. A stroll to Chez Jay is an easy one and the stroll home even easier.